Afholdte og Planlagte Aktiviteter

13. -15. December 2002: Nuclear Weapons Inheritance Training, København. 10.-15. Juni 2003: IPPNW europæisk studentermøde i Tyskland. September 2004: IPPNW verdenskongres i Beijing. Tidligere studenteraktiviteter 1999-2002 - Har Læs mere..

Nuclear Weapons Inheritance Project Proposal

A student project of SLMK (Swedish Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War) and IPPNW (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War). Goals: Information and opinionbuilding at universities in nuclear weapons states by peers Læs mere..

Summary of Student Projects Worldwide

Egypt 1999-2001 - Participation in IPEN congress in Egypt - Lobbying the Egyptian government and other Arabian governments to support complete elimination of the 12-targeted pollutants. - Presented to the Arab countries during the negotiations Læs mere..